Veteran Recruitment Center

The Veteran Recruitment Center is an always available virtual career fair environment that has connected more than 3-million veterans with thousands of recruiters from leading companies. The VRC is the only perpetual virtual career fair that allows multiple companies to attend an event and allow for each individual company to host virtual career fairs for just their organization.

  • More than 300 events each year
  • Over 340,000 attendees in 2022
  • Massive network of 2.4 million job seekers
  • More than 400 of the Fortune 1,000 are clients
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Progressive Insurance Recruitment Center

Progressive came to us looking for a different way to recruit on campus. We designed the Progressive Recruitment Center to allow them to recruit on multiple campuses in just a few hours and students loved it because they are used to communicating online, and the money they saved on dry cleaning didn’t hurt either.

  • Greatly reduced their time to hire
  • Expanded the colleges they typically recruit from
  • Increased their college talent network by 22%
  • Resulted in a 17% reduction in travel expenses
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Verizon Recruitment Center

The Verizon Recruitment Center was utilized by multiple divisions within the enterprise to engage talent. Verizon Wireless used the RC to recruit for new store openings, and campus recruitment. Verizon corporate used it to recruit for I.T positions and sales roles, and for internal recruitment for career mobility.

  • More than 37,000 job seekers attended
  • Hundreds of hires in one-year
  • Reduced the time to hire
  • Greatly increased their brand to potential candidates
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Boston Scientific Recruitment Center

Boston Scientific came to Astound with a need to increase the flow of candidates that applied for their open positions. We decided on a Recruitment Center to allow them to expand their reach and to help them stand out from the competition.

  • More than 53,000 job seekers attended their career fairs
  • Utilized for campus, diversity, and veteran recruitment
  • Resulted in a significant decrease in time to hire
  • The RC was used in multiple countries to recruit and engage talent
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Mission Media Virtual Career Fair

NCTA approached Astound to host a virtual career fair for its members who wanted to recruit veterans for positions within their company. We developed a multi-company virtual career fair to bring both sides together.

  • More than 1,200 veterans attended
  • More than 230 job offers were extended
  • 32 companies participated
  • 37 states were represented
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Detroit Homecoming Virtual Career Fair

CRAIN approached Astound about the possibility of standing up a virtual career fair to attract I.T workers who had moved away from the Detroit region in the hopes of getting them to come back to see how Detroit has bounced back and become a great place for their skills and talent.

  • Supported by leading businesses and colleges in Detroit
  • More than 900 job seekers attended
  • More than 70 job offers extended
  • Event was launched in less than 3-weeks
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Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA)

Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) provides transitioning service members and veterans, including those with clearance, with critical career skills required for today’s growing technology industry. MSSA came to Astound to help them stand up a virtual career fair platform that could be used to connect graduating students from each cohort and recruiters from the companies who support the program.

  • More than 40 companies have participated
  • Over 600 graduates have attended
  • Greatly reduced the time to connect graduates with employers
  • Helped to expand the number of companies who supported the MSSA program
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