Single Company Virtual Career Fair


Virtual career fair platform and event management. We market your event to high-impact job seekers.

✔ Dedicated event producer with each event
✔ Job seeker marketing available for each event (additional cost)
✔ Astound will design your booth
✔ Launch your career fair in 7 days
✔ Connect with job seekers over text, or video
✔ Receive a detailed attendee report after your recruiting event (including resumes)

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Virtual Job Fairs

Engage talent from the comfort and safety of your home or office

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Present your opportunities to your audience over video and presentations.

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Video Interviews

Meet one to one with candidates after your career fair.

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What is a virtual job fair?

Virtual job fairs (career fairs) are very similar to traditional job fairs except for the handshake, travel, time, and cost it may require to attend an in-person recruiting event. In a virtual career fair, recruiters and jobseekers meet and interact in the company’s virtual booth or stand, and from the convenience of the home or office.

Save Time

Because you attend a virtual job fair online, you save time typically required to travel to the venue of an in-person job fair, booth setup and breakdown time.

Reduce Cost

With zero travel costs, marketing materials, and shipping costs, the Astound Virtual Career Fairs result in considerable cost savings.

Stand Out

Virtual career fairs are a great way to stand out from the crowd and to increase your talent pool. Because of the ease of access, virtual allows you to reach more passive job seekers.

What is your goal when you attend a job fair? Ideally, you walk away with an interview or at least a solid contact to follow up with, right? The best way to get noticed at a job fair of any kind is to be prepared, know the companies you are chatting with, and convince the recruiters that you are the ideal candidate for the positions they are trying to fill. The same approach is needed for virtual (online) career fairs. It is easy to hide behind the screen, but if you want to stand out, you will want to follow the simple, but powerful steps below.


Stand out from the crowd


It is easy to think you can attend a virtual job fair in your pajamas, but what will you do when a recruiter asks you to jump into a video chat?


Research companies ahead of time, find jobs of interest, apply, and come prepared to discuss the job you have applied for. Recruiters are not looking to do the search for you, and most events will allow you to enter early to do some research.


Have your elevator pitch ready and be prepared to write it or deliver it over video. Your elevator pitch and your resume will likely need tweaking depending on the position you are speaking about.


You are likely one of dozens of job seekers in the booth, and recruiters may not always respond as quickly as you would like.


Your profile is the first impression you will make to recruiters. Make sure your profile is complete and you have a professional profile picture uploaded.


Have several resumes available in the event you are applying for different ypes of jobs. Make sure your resume is properly formatted, grammatically correct, and save it in word or pdf as your actual name.


When you enter a virtual booth, explore what they have available before engaging with the recruiters. You will come across as a much more prepared and qualified candidate if you know who the company is, what they have to offer, and why you are a great fit for them.


Do not put the same boilerplate message in every booth. Recruiters will sometimes visit other booths and this shows you have put little thought into attending the event.


Ask for the email of each recruiter you chat with, and send them a short thank you email after the event. Be sure to remind them what you chatted with them about, the job you are interested in, and the location.


Take the time to understand the scope of the event before you decide to attend. Most job fair organizers will tell you the companies and jobs available before the actual event. Why waste your time attending if there aren’t companies or jobs that you are interested in.

Astound Advantage

When selecting a vendor for your virtual career fair, what matter most to you?

  • How reputable is the company?
    ✔ Astound was launched in 2008 and virtual job fairs is all we do. Since 2009, we have conducted more than 6,000 recruiting events for our partners. You benefit from our knowledge and experience, and we treat your event as if it were our own.
  • How easy will my virtual career fair be to launch?
    ✔ We manage all aspects of your event from the design of your branded microsite, design of your event, training of your staff, and reporting. You can focus on promoting your company to the job seekers that attend your event.
  • How will job seekers learn of my event?
    ✔ What separates Astound from the other companies who can deliver a platform for a virtual job fair is our ability to drive attendees to your event. We host many of our own events each year and have a network of more than 5-million job seekers from the various events we host such as; Veterans, Engineers, College Students, Nurses, Workers with disabilities, and much more. You may want to consider joining one of our upcoming events.
  • What will a virtual career fair cost?
    ✔ We appreciate that cost is a big concern for most companies we work with, and if the cost is your deciding factor, Astound is likely not the best partner for your event or company. While we are not the cheapest service, we stand behind the value and the service that is delivered with every event we do. That is why more than 400, Fortune 500 companies have worked with us to recruit high-impact talent.