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Astound Virtual has revolutionized the way job seekers and industry leading companies engage. Whether you want to attend one of our multi-company virtual career fairs, or perhaps host one of your own, you can take comfort in knowing you are with the industry leader. We recognize that no two clients are alike, and we take pride in working closely with our partners to ensure your recruiting event is a success. The term "Virtual Career Fair" gets tossed around quite loosely but give us 20 minutes to show you a demonstration, and you will quickly see how we continue to ASTOUND our clients with the service, technology, and our commitment to helping them recruit the best and the brightest virtually. We work with you to enhance your recruiting programs and allow you to recruit talent in a cost effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner. When you host a virtual career fair with Astound, you manage the job seekers that attend your career fair, and we will manage every other aspect including:
  • Designing your virtual career fair
  • Training your staff
  • Post event reporting
  • We can even handle the marketing of your virtual career fair

Features Included:

Dedicated microsite (landing page)

Career Fairs

Virtual Lobby

The sky is limit when it comes to the lobby of your virtual career fair. You can choose from hundreds of our designs, or we can use a picture of your corporate headquarters if you like.

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Customized Virtual Booth

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to the design of your booth. We have used a truck for the Penske booth to a submarine for a defense contractor. We also have thousands of booth styles to choose from.

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Post Event Reporting

What good is a virtual or any career fair if you are unable to see who attended, applied, or was ultimately hired? With Astound, you receive a detailed attendee report with all contact information of everyone who registered and attended (including resumes) Sample Dashboard Report (detailed data report also included)