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How to host a successful virtual career fair

Finding a great platform and driving the right attendees to your event

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

Is it right for my company?

Virtual Career Fairs

A virtual career fair is an online recruiting event that is hosted over the web and connects job seekers and recruiters at a defined date and time.

Before spending the money on a virtual career fair, there are some key questions you will need to ask yourself.

  • What is the objective of the event?
  • Do I have the resources needed to manage the job fair?
  • How will I promote the career fair?
  • How will I define the success of my virtual career fair?

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What resources will you need for your virtual job fair?

The term “Virtual Career Fair” gets tossed around quite loosely, and there really isn’t a one size fits all service or solution. When considering your virtual career fair partner, you must take into consideration what features and services you will need to ensure the success of your event. Below are some of the questions you will need answers to help you deiced on the best partner for your event.

  • Design of your virtual career fair

    • Will you design it, or do you want the vendor to design it for you?
  • How many virtual career fairs do you want to host?

    • Is this a one-off event, or would you like to host them on a regular basis
  • Who will train your recruiters on the platform you choose?

    • Some platforms provide a user guide, and others like Astound will train your recruiters one to one
  • What locations do you want/need?

    • Do you want or need a lobby, auditorium for webinars, networking lounge, or do you want to bring the job seekers directly to your booth
  • How do you want to chat with job seekers?

    • Text, audio, video, or all
  • How is your virtual career fair being promoted?

    • You can design the best platform for your event, but it is useless if no one attends, or the wrong kind of candidates attend.
  • How many recruiters will I need for my event?

    • A well-designed virtual career fair will keep your recruiters quite busy, but they should be able to manage the event. When you work with Astound, we can help you determine the resources needed for your event based on the more than 6,000 virtual job fairs we have hosted over the last 12-years.
  • What kind of live support will I need for my virtual career fair?

    • Would you like a live helpdesk in the event
    • Would you like/need live phone or video support for you and the job seekers


Many of the questions on the last page will dictate the cost for your event but cost alone should not determine the partner you select.

As we previously mentioned, there really is not a one size fits all for virtual career fairs, and therefore, it is hard to get an apples-to-apples comparison when it comes to price. The best thing you can do is define your event for all the vendors you are considering, and then ask them if they can deliver the event with the features and services you are requesting, and what the price would be.

Here a few examples:

“I need a virtual career fair for three hours and I expect no more than 200 attendees. I would like a branding landing page to allow job seekers to register, and I will build my own booth, train the recruiters, market the event, and pull my own reports. I would like a lobby, booth, and networking lounge.”

“I would like to host virtual career fairs on a quarterly basis, and I would like the vendor to handle the set up, design, training, and marketing of my event to job seekers based on the positions we are trying to fill, locations of the jobs, and the requirements of each position. We would like to have our environment stay available in between events to allow job seekers to access and learn about our company, and to build the talent network for future events”

“We would like to use the platform to host internal and external virtual career fairs. We would need the ability to host webinars, workshops, and virtual job fairs, and we would like the ability to host events in multiple languages. We will also need to utilize video to conduct interviews after the career fair. We would prefer a year license to not be restricted on how often it can be used, and the vendor will need to be available to make changes to the platform as needed”

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