Virtual HR Center

Virtual HR Center

Most companies will see a turnover rate above 20% each year, and business cannot slow down to bring on new talent. Astound allows you to save the time, money, and resources typically needed to bring new employees onboard, and get them up to speed virtually!

With a Virtual HR Center (HRC), you can incorporate your training, benefits, and employee engagement by connecting everyone in a fully interactive, feature rich environment. New hires can attend training sessions from the comfort of their desk, and collaborate with other employees around the globe in real time.

Think of your HRC as having a human resource manager right next to every desk in your company, and everything an employee would need from HR is right at their fingertips.

  • No travel required to onboard new employees
  • Benefit roll-outs and overviews completed globally in a few hours
  • Multi-language support
  • Provide coaching or mentorship to new hires
  • Required or self-directed training sessions
  • LMS and CRM integration

Your HRC is great for onboarding new team members, but can also be used to attract talent, roll-out new benefits/services, and much more. Contact Us today and let us ASTOUND you with a demonstration of a HRC.

virtual hr center