We recognize that the need to attract, hire, and retain high caliber talent is paramount to any business, and we assist our partners in accomplishing just that through our virtual recruitment solutions. Take comfort knowing that we have sat in your chair, and had the same responsibility you have today. We are a team of HR leaders, and top producing recruiters who simply knew there had to be a better way to connect job seekers with employers seeking to hire them.

Why Astound?

We are much more than just a platform provider. Not only do we provide the platform for companies to host virtual career fairs, we also manage some of the largest virtual career fairs ourselves. As an example, since 2009, we have helped more than 210,000 veterans find rewarding careers through our Veteran Recruiting virtual career fairs. Because we host our own virtual career fairs, we understand how important it is to provide an enjoyable and productive experience to the job seekers you are courting in your career fair. Since 2009, we have connected more than 4 million job seekers with over 4,000 industry leading companies.

Full Service Approach

Unlike some virtual event producers, we provide a full-service solution for all of our virtual career fairs. We recognize that you have enough on your plate attracting the talent, and we are happy to handle everything from the design of your virtual career fair, training of staff, and post-event reporting. We can even assist with event marketing if needed.

Dedicated Event Manager

Whether you are hosting a single career fair, or opt for a virtual recruitment center, you will be assigned a dedicated event manager to ensure your career fairs run smoothly. They will be your day to day contact for everything related to your virtual career fair events, and will ensure that your event is enjoyable and memorable to the job seekers who attend.

Simplified Pricing

With Astound, you are given one price for your virtual career fair. We do not believe in an al a carte model, and know that controlling your budget, and maximizing your ROI plays a large role in you deciding to go virtual, and stay virtual.