Virtual Career Fairs

Give talent a reason to pick you by standing out from your competition.

Fully interactive virtual career fairs enable you to recruit worldwide, in a few hours, and without the time, cost, and
resources needed to attend more traditional career fairs.

  • Dedicated event manager
  • Fully customized virtual environment
  • Recruiter training
  • *Audience generation
  • Detailed post-event reporting



Open House

Showcase your organization to an audience as vast and diverse as you choose by hosting a virtual open house. Meet with
prospective employees regardless of their location. Have employees from your various offices attend, but from the
comfort and convenience of their office

  • Virtual booth for each region/office
  • Multi-language support
  • Dedicated event manager
  • Customized lobby, booths, registration pages



Recruitment Center

Because your company is always seeking the best and brightest talent, a virtual recruitment center will enable you to host
virtual career fairs as often as you like.

  • Customized lobby
  • Fully branded virtual booth
  • Dedicated event manager
  • Post-event reporting